Cecil the Cursing Cat, 10/22/14

Cecil_opener_full size


Cecil2 Renee



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  • pkdfan

    “Cats have no souls,” Hamilton said morbidly, watching his tomcat avidly
    feed. “The most majestic cat in the universe would balance a carrot on
    his head for a bite of pork liver.”

    Chapter 3 (p. 30) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_in_the_Sky_(novel)
    They make up with it by having lots more heart!

    • Sprite

      If they do have souls, they would be shallow, domesticated or not?

  • Sprite

    he acts like garfield, except more hair, probably in the same union.

    • Ron

      Garfield can walk on his hind legs.

      • Sprite

        My fav quote from Garfield – “we’ll send around a jug of warm milk and a copy of The Beverly Hillbillies”.
        I guess you could customize the order now to also include a copy of ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ and a bucket of custard.

  • StuckintheGhan

    I had a cat with no back legs called Marlboro.
    I used to take it for a drag round the park.

  • Karnn

    Cats always know better – ’cause they get to live through seven lives 🙂